Tonight’s Gender of the Night is: a creepy-looking person selling popcorn


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Rlly tired and wants to sleep but 2 awake but not wake enough to function




The Angelic Herald of Death


Anime boyfriend Rowan: I can't get over his name being Leonard.
Bailee: LeonHARD
Anime boyfriend Rowan: yeah
Bailee: like
Anime boyfriend Rowan: the joke I was making.
Bailee: like boner.
Anime boyfriend Rowan: yes. That was the joke.

And then my parents got mad at me cause I didn’t do a 401k?? I don’t even know what that means. I get handed papers to sign and I don’t know what any of this stuff is

I’m just really tired so that moves to me being really emotional. I miss having my weekends free because it was like a day to recharge and now I get like.
Monday free and then Wednesday. ?? It’s not a recharge at all.
And my free days are only temporary I could be working 7 days a week and then I’m gonna snap

princefeenie asked: What are the straights inflating??? Should we be scared?? Are they acquiring too much power?? We must stop the straights


In this economy we can’t afford to

A gay inflation is just what we need in this economy



what if instead of “show yourselves, corrupted children, I am the voice of forgiveness that will eliminate your calamitous forms” it was

"let’s do this shit"


and as an added bonus:


Legit works bringing me down. I work 40 hours a week. On weekdays I leave my house at 2 and I get home at like 11pm. On weekends I leave at 5:45 am and I get home At like 6pm and I’m too tired to do anything. It’s not like there’s anything to do but.
I’m just. Idk I wasn’t expecting a full time job. My schedule isn’t very flexible in the sense that I could get less hours I’ll probably only get MORE.
I’m just so tired and alone and my dad’s home and I’ve seen him maybe 3 times in two weeks.
I just want a hug


public bathroom….hacked
electric toothbrush….hacked



i hate when girls wear high waisted shit to hide their gut but it just makes it look like they have a gut and a fupa. who ya foolin except urself

Bitch high waisted pants make your waist look FAB and your ass look even better you can leave you basic ass bitch have fun with ya mid rise bootcut old navy clearance rack jeans hoe